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Friday, April 28 | 7:00 pm

Theater 006

Undergraduate Advanced Production Films: Award Winning Showcase


18:00 min

In the avant-garde drama, 'OPERA of CRUELTY' a Young Victim invited to an immersive operatic production led by the Famed Fiend, a collector and protector of talent, finds himself infatuated with the Tempestuous Tigress, a young woman and the favorite performer, who wants nothing but to escape.

Bunny – Theodore Rosenthal

18:11 min

When a young and lonesome vagabond gets caught trying to steal food, he must use all his wits to escape the clutches of the farmer's daughter who caught him.

Buckets – Julia Jones

13:30 min

A girl learns the brutal sacrifices it takes to satisfy her love.

The Derby – Cosmo Carlson

14:56 min

When the three-time champion of the Pinewood Derby is challenged by his best friend, the champion breaks his moral code to keep his title.

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Friday, April 28 | 8:30 pm

Theater 006

Graduate 2nd Year Films: Award Winning Showcase

Alex and the Handyman – Nicholas Colia

12:00 min

A precious nine year old boy develops a crush on the moody twenty-five year old handyman who works in the mansion where he lives.

get out fast – Haley Anderson

12:04 min

A narrated character portrait about Coyote Boy, a kid who starts hopping trains after growing bored in his small town and disappearing.

Chebet – Tony Koros

12:11 min

A pregnant woman in the Kenyan highlands decides to take drastic action against her alcoholic husband when she finds him passed out in front of their house yet again.

Blooming Night – Beier (Bell) Zhong

9:12 min

Bell is a lonely, twenty-something street guy living in Shanghai. One day, wandering around in a run-down and stinky under path, he sees a pair of bright red heels passing by. The color stimulates something deep in his heart. Out of curiosity, he starts to follow its owner across the city of Shanghai and ends up in an old club where he discovers a forbidden community that he has never experienced with, hence begins to realize his hidden desires.

Samedi Cinema – Mamadou Dia

11:00 min

In a small city of Northern Senegal, two young cinephiles hatch a plan before their theater closes down forever.

Ina Nyo – Mary Grace Evangelista

12:00 min

Ina Nyo is day in the life of Ana, a young housemaid in the Philippines. Desperate to send more money to her mother, Ana is caught up in the scruples of the precocious teenage daughter and the older wayward son of the house. She must now decide what she is willing to compromise to maintain her place in the household.

Tween – Raven Johnson

8:00 min

A tween girl of African descent visits a friend's house for a slumber party. However, when another girl shows up, their girl's night slowly turns into a nightmare for the only 'black girl.' This short film explores how jealously collides into prejudices, rendering an important moment in the life of a tween, black girl.

Distance – Rikke Louise Schødt

12:00 min

Forced to spend Christmas in the rough nature of Northern Denmark, 10 year old Emma is determined to make Christmas a joyous celebration. Even without mom.

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Saturday, April 29 | 11:30 am

Theater 006

Undergraduate Documentary and Narrative Workshop Films

Who is Alex Harsley? – Natalie Erazo

3:38 min

A short documentary about East Village street photographer, Alex Harsley.

Shakespeare at the Point – Connor Smith

30:00 min

Elementary school students from Hunts Point in the South Bronx stage a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

The Pixie Fighters – dani schoffman

15:00 min

When David, an 8-year-old boy, learns that his father has leukemia and the prognosis is poor, he decides to find the cure himself.

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Saturday, April 29 | 1:00 pm

Theater 006

Undergraduate Advanced Production Films

Vivid – Paul Chung

28:00 min

A colorblind painter is dry of inspiration. On the verge of getting kicked out from a gallery exhibition, he gets a package that enables him to see color. He takes the special pills and starts painting a colorful masterpiece. He then gains attraction from gallery seekers for this masterpiece. He then wakes up from his dream.

Willy – Benjamin and Violet Klein and Columbus

10:30 min

The story follows Willy during a live taping of the television show he's hosted for years. While the rest of the cast and crew attempt to keep the show running smoothly, Willy repeatedly derails the broadcast due to his massive ego and boorish behavior.

Factory 91 – Madeline Leshner

20:00 min

Above the quiet Bellery suburb lives a mysterious Doctor in an old, deteriorating factory. Mary is curious.

Enchantment Falls – Ben Sharif

9:00 min

Francis escapes his turbulent family to a surreal, dream-like fantasy world where everything seems perfect...

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Saturday, April 29 | 2:30 pm

Theater 006

Undergraduate Narrative Workshop Films

The Masked Murderer – Devansh Agarwal

12:35 min

An unassuming detective comes to interview a grieving woman regarding her boyfriend's death but little does he realize what he is getting into when he enters her home.

I've Got A Son Called Rock 'N' Roll – Thomas Byrnes

14:33 min

A high school musician steals money from his father to put on a school rock show.

The Cardinal – Alan Homeri

15:00 min

A former leader of a street gang, Richie Elworth, wants to prove he is a reformed man once released from prison but realizes escaping his past is not as easy as he thought.

The Window Dresser – Jeremy Hung

11:00 min

A window dresser stays behind at a boutique one night and witnesses an assault from behind her store window. But standing next to a mannequin, she goes by unnoticed by the assaulter and his victim.

Hiraeth – Neeraj Jain

16:00 min

Ten years later, Aidan returns to the battlegrounds where he and his squad once fought a war

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Saturday, April 29 | 4:00 pm

Theater 006

Tisch Asia 3rd Year Collaborations and Thesis Films

Tara Versus – Ayesha Anna Ninan

20:00 min

A struggling comedian has a hard time seeing the funny side of things when her career stagnates while her best friend gets a promotion.

The Stock Boy – Abhishek Prasad

18:42 min

A grocery manager blackmails the new stock boy into carrying out a revenge plot against his business partner.

perennials – David Soto

16:00 min

An older photographer has one last shot to impress her boss, but under the condition she work with the new assistant, half her age and may be taking over her position.

Virgin Margaret – Xinzheng Wang

10:00 min

A woman from a conservative upbringing is trying to come to terms with her sexuality.

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Saturday, April 29 | 5:30 pm

Theater 006

Undergraduate Advanced Animation and Experimental Films

Buddy – Margarete Boyd

2:30 min

A stray puppy runs into trouble on the search for the owner of his dreams.

Memory Sync – William Johnson

7:36 min

In a dystopian, dilapidated future where pollution and waste have shrouded the world in darkness, discarded toy robot, separated from home, relies on his memories to find his way back to the loving arms of his only friend.

The White Stag – Mina So

4:25 min

Two kids go into a mysterious forest to try to find the legendary white stag.

das rheingold – adrian anaya

15:00 min

After a Nibelung steals a magic gold that brings infinite power, the gods above descend to Nibelheim to steal it and use it as ransom to rescue a kidnapped Goddess.

Him – Christian Coppola

12:38 min

Max, a deaf 12-year-old, becomes infatuated with his big sister's boyfriend during a weekend retreat.

Human Resources – Ryan McGlade


When a suburban office worker is killed by a hunter's stray bullet during a smoke break, his psychotic and diseased boss takes the freak accident as a sign of his personal messiah's apocalyptic return; as the boss spreads his biological and psychological disease into the office, his staff weighs the consequences of these twin disasters.

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Saturday, April 29 | 7:00 pm

Theater 006

Graduate 3rd Year Collaborations and Thesis Films: Award Winning Showcase

Modern Love – Francesca Mirabella

10:04 min

A young man who lives his life through social media, has an encounter with a young woman who challenges his ideals about sexual stereotypes. He ultimately misunderstands her, and the discomfort of real intimacy has him retreat back into his world of social media.

"Mami" sagte – Margherita Arco

14:42 min

Empty spaces and forsaken artefacts in an abandoned farmhouse tell the story of an ailing mother and middle-aged son, Siegfried. Through Siegfried’s compulsive writings on the walls, a co-dependent relationship between domineering “Mami” and Siegfried is revealed. Can Siegfried sacrifice his filial duty to find happiness? The voices of the past echo through the empty house.

Vincent – tati barrantes

13:00 min

When his dog Vincent passes away, aging one-hit wonder Adrian Granado fears he's lost the last true fan he'll ever have.

IN WHITE – Dania Bdeir

15:38 min

Lara, a 24 year old Lebanese artist living in NYC, returns home to Beirut for her father’s funeral. Her elegant strong-willed mother, Mona, pushes for Lara to behave in accordance with the social mores of Beirut and the traditional ways of grieving. Lara, in mourning and in need of her family, yields. Her Jewish Canadian fiancee, Noah, shows up to support her - but is surprised to discover that Lara has never told her family about him. Lara can’t bring herself to risk losing her family but eventually must find a way to be true to herself.

Who's Who in Mycology – Marie Dvorakova

15:00 min

A young trombone player spends an adventurous night trying to open an impossible bottle of wine. An unconscious girl, a crooked bookcase and some mold get in his way, turning his world upside down. When the night is over he is forced to commit the ultimate act of courage.

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Saturday, April 29 | 8:30 pm

Theater 006

Undergraduate Advanced Production and Narrative Workshop Films

Nanny – Katherine Meng

12:44 min

A quiet and intimate look at the last moments between a nanny and the child she cares for, on the day before she leaves for an arranged marriage.

Porcupine – Clifford Miu

10:00 min

To protect her infant child on New Year's Eve from an impending intruder, a young widow asks the 911 operator for permission to shoot.

MNSTR – Nicole Melillo

13:24 min

When a young woman is drawn out to the club, her evening takes a turn for the worse as the night begins to mirror the beats of an impending panic attack. No longer able to ignore it, her anxieties take the form of physical monsters and she is forced to find the strength to overcome or give in once again to her anxiety.

Mormon Mime Orgy – David Chasmar

8:00 min

A Mormon Missionary begins to question his faith when he meets a girl.

Killing The Fiddler – Barak Barkan

7:16 min

A comedy about Adam, a Jewish man, five minutes before he marries a non-Jewish woman, Vicky Cheung. Just before the ceremony, he is confronted by photographs of his ancestors, who come to life in order to prevent this "unholy" matrimony.

The Spotter – Mitchell Lazar

8:52 min

In the near future, a criminal is roped into helping a group flee from an oppressive government surveillance system.

555-SEXY – David B. Jacobs

14:57 min

"555-SEXY" is an absurdist dark comedy following dysfunctional middle-aged couple the Brussells, who both participate in extramarital affairs on the same night. As one thing unexpectedly leads to another, their parallel experiences threaten to sever their relationship entirely.

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Sunday, April 30 | 1:00 pm

Theater 006

Undergraduate Narrative Workshop Films

Richard – Jake Hirsch

15:00 min

The true story of Richard Nixon's bid for student body president in his junior year of high school.

Beyond All – Isaac Green

9:00 min

A police town, a legacy, time, and a ticket book.

LEECHER – Yonatan Weinstein

13:36 min

Dr. Adam Leecher, an ambitious research scientist, has developed a vaccine for an evolving parasite that affects women only. He believes so blindly in the efficacy of his treatment that, even when denied permission to proceed with human trials, Adam won't give up until he can take it to the next level.

Letter – Juan Zuleta

15:00 min

Jim's secret job as an online author of suicide letters is also his addiction. Unfortunately, his work and marriage begin to mix when a friend becomes a client - without his knowing.

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Sunday, April 30 | 2:30 pm

Theater 006

Undergraduate Advanced Production Films

A New Year – Michael Sheptock

18:19 min

A college freshman returns to his Hurricane Sandy battered hometown at the Jersey Shore, and slowly discovers he's grown apart from his community, especially his childhood best friend. An Undergraduate Thesis Film about returning home to a dying community, fading friendships, and the toxic effects of the male pack mentality.

The Carpenters – Xiuzhi Yang

16:00 min

A handicapped young man tries to prove himself to his overprotective carpenter father by stealing his job.

Shady Pines – Daniel Sorochkin

28:00 min

Kayla Rivers, an upbeat employee at the Department of Health, is assigned to do an inspection of Shady Pines nursing home. But, a status report that was supposed to be a breeze quickly turns south as Kayla discovers the mad house that Shady Pines actually is.

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Sunday, April 30 | 4:00 pm

Theater 006

Undergraduate Advanced Production Films

Full Circle – Max Copolov

14:00 min

A runaway horse carriage strands a Hollywood actress in the Australian Outback, where she must now brave the hostile landscape and unfamiliar culture to make it safely back to set. 

Jihadi Street – Yulia Fomenko

7:58 min

Jihadi Street is a Sesame Street parody. It tries to answer the question - "What if ISIS produced a children's television show to recruit kids?"

Northshore – David Fu

19:51 min

Northshore follows sixteen-year old Larissa Lannigan as she grapples with the implications of her best friend's murder and observes the gradual metamorphosis of her community through the lens of her own youthful subjectivity.

The Unholy War – Jared Greenwald

9:42 min

Forced to read a prepared statement on camera, a couple in captivity must choose between abandoning their beliefs by reading a message that promotes hatred and violence, or facing death.

Un vase à Chinatown – Jeremy Hung

15:00 min

On a school trip to Chinatown, New York, three French students find themselves followed by two Chinese men, but have no idea why.

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Sunday, April 30 | 5:30 pm

Theater 006

Graduate Film, Tisch Asia Films: Award Winning Showcase

DO NOT DISTURB – Ellen Burns

21:00 min

Waggish housekeepers, Charmin and Alicia, stumble upon a duffle bag full of enough cash to turn their dreams into reality. Unfortunately, an overzealous pimp and his crack-dealing sidekick have dreams of their own.

A Utopia – Eric McEver

5:56 min

A suicidal Japanese artist searches for her life's meaning after a visit from a restless ghost.

In Our Words – Cameron Harris

30:00 min

In Our Words explores what African-Americans and Africans in the Diaspora in the U.S., South Africa, and Europe experience being Black

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Sunday, April 30 | 7:00 pm

Theater 006

Graduate Film, Tisch Asia Films: Award Winning Showcase

Supot – Philip Giordano

12:33 min

After refusing a ritual intended to usher him into manhood, Rene-boy (10), tries alternate methods to remove this mark of cowardice.

Kimchi Taco – Seran Kim

14:16 min

Traumatized by the brutal murder of her husband in Spanish Harlem, a Korean shopkeeper finds an unexpected ally in a young Mexican woman with a secret.

Paleonaut – Eric McEver

16:00 min

A scientist studying the first human time traveller falls in love with her subject. But if her research succeeds they will become separated by eons of history.

Disco Obu – Anand Kishore

20:00 min

The relationship between a journalist and his subject, a former Bollywood child star who now drives an autorickshaw, is tested over the course of a day.

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Sunday, April 30 | 8:30 pm

Theater 006

Undergraduate Advanced Production and Advanced Animation Films: Award Winning Showcase

New Year – Jiawei Cheng

20:00 min

New Year tells a Chinese immigration's struggle life after his brother betrays him and makes him be in huge debt.

Dragon in Distress – Vera Berkshire

6:17 min

In this fractured fairytale, a villainous Hag casts a wicked spell to switch places with a demure Princess, and her beloved Knight is completely clueless.

Empty Window – Ming Zeng

15:00 min

A successful commercial photographer runs out of inspiration. One day he accidentally captures a photo of a mysterious woman. He decides to spy and follow her in order to capture the perfect photo.

Ocean Song – Erica Liu

7:51 min

Inspired by a true story, a whale outcast by his own kind, ventures out in search of a friend who shares his unique song .

Ride By Night – Zach Baum

17:30 min

Joan, a pioneer woman, isolated after the death of her abolitionist husband, must decide if she will help Martha, a former slave fleeing for her life along the Underground Railroad. As Martha forces Joan’s hand, they make their way North, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake

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