A Guide to Starting Out With Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is not only a highly pleasurable activity, but it is a way to preserve memories for years to come in a manner that brings out your creativity. In this article, we will share some tips on how to get started on scrapbooking so that you can tackle your project without any hangups. Let’s get started!

1. Make Sure You Have Pictures!

It’s fairly difficult to have a fabulous scrapbook without gorgeous pictures to fill it with. Of course, you will want to use photographs that fit the theme you are trying to go for. For example, are you hoping to work on a scrapbook that is dedicated to your family? Then you will want to have a stack of photographs that feature your family, from you and your spouse to your little ones, and even the family pet(s)! Of course, you can select any theme you wish. Say you want to use Autumn as a theme. Grab yourself some lovely pictures on Artfire or Shutterfly of Autumn and get ready to have some fun!

2. Select a Scrapbook and Paper That Fits Your Theme

Scrapbooks come in various sizes and, of course, different designs. So it’s recommended that you select one that will fit your budget, personal preference, and amount of time that you have to put into your project. It’s a good idea to select a scrapbook that is on the smaller side if you are new to scrapbooking, just so that you can get a feel for it and dip your toe in, so-to-speak. If you decide that you want to dive on in, you are welcome to purchase a medium to large scrapbook but just be sure you have enough time to work on it, and expect that you will wind up spending more time on your project before it is finished.

Another part of scrapbooking is having the scrapbooking paper that compliments your theme and your pictures. For instance, a scrapbook dedicated to traveling adventures may be well complimented with paper decorated with map icons, planes, doors, and even imagery from other countries. The choice is yours! And don’t forget to pick up stickers, borders, and other accessories that will make your scrapbook a masterpiece.

3. To Plan or Not to Plan?

Not everyone works with the same style when it comes to planning each page, and ultimately, the whole book. You want it to be cohesive and flow nicely from one page to the next. But what you should think about is whether or not you will do better planning each page before you construct it or plan your materials to be cohesive and then put together each page as you feel. Keep in mind that neither choice is wrong. In fact, a scrapbook is going to be perfect as long as you are happy with your end result.

4. Grab the Hardware

Last, but not least, you will want to be sure you have the hardware when it comes to scrapbooking. This includes scissors, tape, glue, rulers, even cutting machines. Make sure you are prepared, and you will have the most fabulous scrapbook you can imagine. Good luck!